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The pages accessible from this page were last updated February 2, 2008

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Marci Blattenberger
Tana Calaba
Jo Ann Pace
Betty Pollard
Aryanti Jane Yacub (Jane)
Judy Jaussaud
RubyGayle Jackson
Marsha Reaves
Michael Sullivan
Vicki Sullivan
Bertie Stephens
Julia Calvert
Judi Pulaski
Johnella (Johnny) McGuire
Betty Grothe

Also, Marci Blattenberger has authored an article about some interesting techniques for working with china, gold, gems, lusters and other materials on the Techniques page.   On the same page, Jean Beebe has an article about "Conquering Lusters".  If you would like to learn more information about these subjects and view some picture examples, you can click on the link to the "Techniques" page (at top of this page).

Unfortunately, since I don't have the time to regularly update this page, I can no longer add new painters to this section. I hope you will enjoy the beautiful art of the artists who have contributed to the site.