Jo Ann Pace

I'll let Jo Ann tell you about her china painting experience in her own words:

I've grown up surrounded by pretty dishes.   My mother would take me to the antique store where she would spend hours picking out the antique bowl she was going to buy.   She would work all summer to pay for it,   and gradually the collection grew.   Now she is 88 ears old,   taking care of my father who is 90 and has gradually given all of her dishes to me.   Being an only child I got them all!   Believe it or not,   I have nine sets of dinner ware china - from my aunt, my mother's haviland, my mother-in-law's dishes, and mine.   My grandchildren and great grandchildren are gonna get a set of "Nanny Pace's china" whether they want them or not.

I've been painting for the last 10 years,   going through the different forms of art - seascapes in acrylics, still life in oils,   and finally portraits in pastels.   Then---one day---I ATTENDED A PORCELAIN ARTIST SHOW!   My heart stood still!!!   There it was - the passion of my life---DISHES!!!   And some looked antique,   and some were plain but all different - originally painted by the artists there.   I WAS IN LOVE!!!   I found a teacher that fall,   and have been painting china for 3 years!   It is my passion--now I have a house full of plain white dishes   (9 tea sets with trays, etc. at last count)   Just waiting for me to get around to painting them.

Then one day,   playing around with my computer   (which I do not love nor understand - and the feeling is mutual I'm sure!)   I found Betty's web site--and I have been enjoying it ever since.   What is not to like?   Seeing fellow artists' work,   their interesting comments,   and all of Betty's work in putting this all together.   I am a fan--and spend many hours enjoying this ever changing web site.

At 64,   with 2 grown kids and 4 grand-children,   it is nice to have a hobby and a part of my life that is privately, passionately all mine.   Of course,   they all have their name on the list for a special request for gifts for years to come!   But they also know - Nanny's Studio Time is off limits!

When a kid yells, "Nanny,   are we ever---gonna have supper?"   I yell back,   not skipping a brush stroke - "Oh,   all right!   Hit #2 on the speed dial and order your favorite pizza!--on me!"   "Oh,   Nanny,   you are just wonderful,   the best Nanny in the whole wide world!"

Recently Jo Ann attended a seminar held by Stephen Hayes.  As a result she has some paintings, using new techniques, to display.  Along with her work in the new style, she also sent me some photos of more of her "traditional" paintings.

If you would like to email Jo Ann to let her know how you like her paintings, her email address is   You can click on the hyperlink below to send her email now.

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Jo Ann's Paintings

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Smashed Gold Technique (New 3/2/98)
(Image Size: 53 kb)

Jo Ann explains this technique, as she learned it:  You dot on gold ---over FIRED color---NOT on any white china_ (with your brush used only for gold!) around the edge in spots where you want gold to show - then take plastic wrap - squish it into a little crumpled ball, and "smash it over the dots of gold" - where you want gold to be placed. Then - fire at cone 18.  Jo Ann says she loves the effect.

Candy Box (New 3/2/98)
(Image Size: 29 kb)

Jo Ann did this Candy Box on her own,   using Stephen Hayes' method.

She explains how to do a painting, using this method: "Draw your first flower" and fill in the color (with as few brush strokes as possible) and then - fill in richer color around part of your first flower - and do splotches of color in the background - Fire at cone 14 - then the second day - you "find your second flower" in the splotches of paint and paint it in; and deepen the colors - etc. first at cone 14. The third day - you bring in the lights - and hit the darks again - and paint the outside - if you like! Some of us left white spots in the background - and some didn't (I didn't - of course - if a little does good - a lot will do better ----my usual theory, but not for everybody! Fire at cone 14 - makes it really glossy! Each and every piece looked entirely different.  Each student had a different interpretation of it, and you wouldn't know we took the same class!

Red Poppy Tray with Pitcher to Match (New 3/2/98)
(Image Size:30 kb)

This set was done by Jo Ann using her "traditional" painting method.  The photo shows the tray and two views of the pitcher, indicating the different flowers painted on each side.


American Beauty Rose Plate Tray
(Image Size: 51 kb)
Same American Beauty Rose Plate Tray with Planned Matching Chocolate Pot and Cup
(Image Size: 49 kb)
Iris Chocolate Pot
(Image Size: 19 kb)
2 Cup Tea Pot
(Image Size: 30 kb)
Mug to match Haviland china "Apple Blossom" (still needs gold)
(Image Size: 17 kb)
Berry Pitcher
(Image Size: 28 kb)
Peace Rose Tea Service
(Image Size: 44 kb)
This beautiful set is antiqued in Celedon, Water Blue and Black Green.


"Moody" subdued Grape Tray
(Image Size: 33 kb)
Grape Plate
(Image Size: 29 kb)
German Bowl with Roses
(Image Size: 28 kb)

Jo Ann says "This is 'my' German Hatschenreuther bowl; Tuschenreuth,   Bavaria. (Hope I spelled that right, Jo Ann). 


Another German Bowl with Roses
(Image Size: 27 kb)


Jo Ann loves to paint these large german bowls. And from what she tells me,   looks are deceiving.   This bowl to me,   does not appear to be that big in size,   but Jo Ann says these are large,   HEAVY bowls.   She says she can't part with this one because it matches her living room.


ANOTHER German Bowl with Roses
(Image Size: 23 kb)


Like I said,   Jo Ann LOVES to paint on these german bowls!   Jo Ann is recovering from carpal tunnel surgery.   This bowl has only two fires, so far -- with Paula Collins Soft rose Violet of Iron and Harvest green.   Jo Ann will finish working on it when her hand has healed.   I hope to get a photo of the finished bowl when she is done.


White Orchid
(Image Size: 16 kb)


This was a commission Jo Ann had,   to paint a white orchid on blue to match an oriental rug.
Pansies on Chocolate Box
(Image Size: 29 kb)


The background for these pansies is enhanced with Mother of Pearl.


White Rose Plate
(Image Size: 25 kb)

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