Vicki Sullivan

Vicki Sullivan is the wife of Michael Sullivan, a china painting teacher who specializes in teaching luster painting. They live in Whittier, California.  I have recently added the information concerning their studio to the Studios page.  Michael, who was my luster teacher until I moved to Hawaii, also has a page featuring some of his paintings on the Gallery of Other China Painters page on this web site.

Vicki has been working in the field of ceramics for over 30 years.   She is a very talented and creative artist.  She generally creates her own porcelain objects without the use of molds or patterns.  Some of her angels are displayed on this page.  These were designed, created and painted by Vicki.

Click here to go to the California section of the China Studios Page where the Oh!Sullivan Studio is listed.

Unfortunately, Vicki is not online, so I do not have an email address for her.  If you care to comment on her angels, I will be glad to relay your comments to her.

Vicki's Painted Angels

1st Angel

2nd Angel

3rd Angel

4th Angel

5th Angel

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