Judy Jaussaud

Judy lives in Milton-Freewater, Oregon. She is a Past President of the World Organization of China Painters (W.O.C.P. 1998-99).   She presided over the 1999 WOCP Convention, held in Spokane, Washington - July 27 through July 31, 1999.   For most of the past several years Judy has judged the Southeastern Washington Fair (china-painting).   She says that for about the last five or six years, the china painting has been (finally) moved to the fine-arts building.   (This also happened in my Orange County Fair, in California, only just this year.)

Judy is a "working" china painter, meaning that it is her full time "job". She travels throughout the US giving seminars and participating in china shows through the year.   During the Holiday season she is close to home, booking about 8 annual holiday gift shows.   January and February are difficult months for travel, so during that time she works toward painting inventory during the week.

Weekends will find her pursuing her other favorite pastime...snowmobiling in the Blue Mountains of Oregon, where their cabin is located.   Judy and her husband each ride their own Polaris 500EFI.   They don't stick to the trails much, their challenges are traversing the land through the trees, and seeing who can navigate the steepest hills.   They are only 4 years into this sport, and only wish they'd been at it longer.   Their motto (stolen from her son) is "THINK SNOW".

Judy says she enjoys the unusual...both in color schemes and design.

Several pieces of Judy's art are available for display below.   Just click on the name of each item.   She has provided painting instructions for each painting.

Judy has a digital camera and has started using it to take pictures of her painted pieces.   Like myself, she is also a Corel Photopaint user and enjoys viewing her pictures of the paintings through this media.   You'll notice how nicely she has framed and labeled each of the photos.   This was accomplished through Corel Photopaint.

If you would like to email Judy to let her know how you like her paintings, her email address is jaussaud@bmi.net   You can click on the hyperlink below to send her email now.

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The World Organization of China Painting (WOCP) also has a website.   The address for their home page is: http://www.theshop.net/wocporg.   I have a link to the site on my "Websites" page.

Judy's Paintings


Rainbow Floral Tile

(Image Size: 94K)

Rainbow Floral Bell

(Image Size: 54K)

The RAINBOW FLORAL design is one of Judy's studies. This is a method that can be used equally as well on glazed ware or bisque,and can be done to match ANY color scheme, and done on any shape of porcelain.

Judy explains how she created this design on these pieces:

First Fire:

Design is applied to the ware with a permanent black felt-tip pen.   I then use colors from my palette, applied only with turpentine or brush cleaner.   The color is applied VERY heavily.   As it begins to dry, it will look like a solid color matte appearance.   There should be absolutely no white from the china showing.   I would guess this application is equal to about 10 coats of color done in the traditional china painting manner.   Practice makes perfect...don't give up!

Fire .016.

Second Fire:

"Dots" of TEXTURE II (My own product) are applied around the centers of the flowers, and around the "filler" flowers with the wavy edges.

Fire .017.

Third Fire:

Using a pen and liquid bright gold, cover all the "dots" and embellish all the flower and leaves with veins.   In the case of the tile, the entire background was also gilded.

Fire .018.

On the tile, I did my banding prior to designing the floral layout.

Floral colors used on tile:

Delphinium Blue, Shading Green(Chapman-Bailey's original color), Yellow brown, Tea Rose and Water Green.

Floral colors used on bell:

Ruby, Cream, Minton Green and Lt. Blue.


Lotion Dispensers

(Image Size: 68K)

These were painted as a custom order from a photograph of kitchen tiles with grape and wine bottle decals.   I just finished them...hope they match "the real thing"!

On the first fire I painted all the grapes with BURGUNDY, and the leaves and stems with YELLOW BROWN with a hint of MIXING YELLOW in places.

On the second fire, I painted the grapes with several different colors over the original color:   BURGUNDY, DELPHINIUM BLUE, BROWN GREEN & MIXING YELLOW mixed on the brush.   Leaves and stems were shaded with BROWN.   Tendrils were painted with a mixture of YELLOW BROWN & BROWN, so that they wouldn't be too dark.

Third fire, again using BROWN, I sparsely penned around SOME of the grape and leaf edges.   I also wrote the words "SOAP" and "LOTION" on the top of the bottles.   Highlights on the grapes were wiped out before each firing.

All firings were done at .016.

Tiny Floral & Scroll Box

(Image Size: 33K)

The diameter of this glazed porcelain box is 2-1/4".   All of the painting is done with a #2 or #3 liner, using turpentine or brush cleaner for your medium.   This allows you to apply a heavy layer of paint.   You shouldn't need to add any color on a second fire.

First Fire:   Paint scrolls around the edge using BURGUNDY.   Scroll around the edge again, randomly overlapping the first scrolls, using POMPADOUR.   The "webbing" is done in BURGUNDY at this time.   Add roses and buds of POMPADOUR, and leaves of BROWN GREEN.

Fire .016.

Second Fire:   Dots of TEXTURE II where the "webs" cross.

Fire .017.

Third Fire:   Cover dots with liquid bright gold.

Fire .018.

This is another design that can be done in almost any color scheme.   Let your imagination be your guide!

Little Hat Girl

(Image Size: 34K)

These bells are my personal "project" to help cover my travel expenses during my 2 years as WOCP President.

This first picture is one of an on-going series I'm doing of "Little Hat Girls".   They are all on these lovely bisque bells that a friend of mine poured for me for just this purpose.   In fact, this bell is hers...I just haven't given it to her yet..ha!   Each little girl is from a different era, or location, wearing the hat of that time or place.   My favorite is a little cowgirl with western hat and red fringed bandanna around her neck...I'll provide it for display at another time.

About the only thing similar to all these little hat girls is their eyes, facial features, and fine penwork.   Also, each is greatly embellished with my product, TEXTURE II.

Leaf Silhouettes

First Picture Tile

(Image Size: 69K)

Close Up

(Image Size: ^9K)

Many years ago, I saw a similar plate in a catalog, and being the "leaf lover" that I am, decided to see if I could do my own rendition.   It would be difficult to tell the colors I used, because I just mixed a variety of blues until I had colors similar to those in the catalog.

First I banded the plate with several widths and colors of blue, using regular china paint.

Secondly, before firing, I painted the palest leaves with a light grey-blue mixture, using regular china paint, and carefully blending it into the widest band.

After firing, I mixed a darker blue matte paint, and "sponged" it over the medium blue leaves and wide band...which gives it that "mottled" appearance, then fired again.

I am an artist that loves to experiment with contrast...both of color and texture.


(Image Size: 144K)

This piece is painted with Reusche #449 Ruby, Dark Yellow Brown and Warm Grey.   The black is my own "Black Satin" ...both for the detailed penwork and the painted area.   It is a VERY easily applied black matte that is as smooth as silk.   And... it works well on glazed as well as bisque.

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