Betty Pollard

Betty Pollard lives in Oregon. Her studio is in Talent, Oregon. It is listed on the China Studios page for that State on the Porcelain Painters International (PPIO) web site (   Just click on the "China Studios" link and then click on the link for the state of Oregon. Betty is an IPAT certified teacher and holds china painting classes three times a week.  She likes teaching and painting roses, animals and portraits.   She has painted portraits of all her grandchildren, John Wayne, Elvis Presley and her Border Collie dog, Tipper.   She is also Superintendant of China painting at the County Fair each year in July.   Betty also does watercolor when she can find the time.   And I thought I was busy!

If you would like to email Betty Pollard to let her know how you like her paintings, her email address is   You can click on the hyperlink below to send her email now.

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Betty Pollard's Paintings


Autumn Splendor

Betty says she painted this plate for an entry for an SOSPA show a few years back.  It is her original painting.  The theme for the show was "Autumn Splendor".  She had several fires on the plate, and on the last fire it broke in half in the kiln.
She glued it back with elmers glue and entered it anyway.  It won peoples' choice and was she surprised!  No one realized it was broken, and it is still on her shelf in her studio, with the ribbons on it. 

(Image Size: 13K)

Angel Vase

Betty has just finished this vase and will show it at the Ashland show.   She says it is not for sale.   She likes the Roman Gold on the handles.   I agree.   Very elegant!

(Image Size: 50K)

Santa Claus

(Image Size: 26K)

Pansies (New as of 4/28/2001)

(Image Size: 12K)

Another Pansy Plate (New as of 4/23/2001)

(Image Size: 11K)

Roses Tile

Betty says she painted these tiles for a student of hers for a new home they are building in Ashland.   It goes around her shower.   Betty says she stood up and it only took her 2 hrs to do the entire thing. Her student watched her the entire time, and loved it.

(Image Size: 17K)

White Roses

These roses are painted on an 8 inch plate.

(Image Size: 14 kb)

Enamel Scrolls with Gold

This plate is in the style of Fay Good. Betty says she got the idea from her work, but changed it quite a bit. She says she never copies, always changes a painting. She likes to work from the old Masters and from natural things (ie. flowers).

(Image Size: 21 kb)


These poppies are painted on a 10 inch plate.

(Image Size: 15 kb)

Rose Plate (New as of 4/28/2001)

(Image Size 13 kb)

German Princess

Betty said she enjoyed painting this German Princess because she thought she looked like her daughter.

(Image Size: 15 kb)

Indian Brave

(Image Size: 15 kb)

Blackberries and Wild Roses - Lined Box

Betty is donating this box to the China Show in Ashland, Oregon, in September.   She said lining it was not an easy job.

(Image Size: 13 kb)

Gypsy Girl

(Image Size: 17 kb)

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