Aryanti Jane Yacub (Jane)

Jane is from Jakarta, Indonesia, in the south east of Asia.   It consists of 3,000 big and small islands, located just above Australia.   Their population is about 200 million  

Jane started china painting in 1986, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with an Australian lady, named Helga Noe-Norberg.   She was only able to take instruction from her for a few months.   Next she had a European lady (married to a Malay), this was only for a few months also.   She felt that both these ladies were fantastic.   Jane did not have any prior training in art apart from what she had learned in junior high.

In 1987, Jane had to go back to her country, and from then on she had to learn the hard way----no teacher.   She stopped for a few years because she had no kiln and china painting there is non-existent.   She had to do other art work such as tole painting or folk art painting, taught by her best friend, Swan, who learned it in Vancouver, Canada.

Then she was invited to have private lessons (5 days) by a Chinese artist in Singapore, through another good friend Rosemary Oh.   This artist, Trickky Queck, had learned china painting from Sonie Ames.   Jane said she thought, "Who on earth is Sonie Ames?", but she went and learned for 5 days.   She learned to do background with brush and sponge, and she learned the American/soft technique.

Upon returning home, Jane decided that she must have books, so she began to write to none other than Sonie Ames, as well as other artists around the USA and, thus, began her collection of books and materials.   Jane says that they are expensive but worth every penny of it.

Jane has now been teaching since January 1995 to about 25 Japanese housewives.   They come and go but strangely enough the number keeps at 20-25.   She says, maybe that's all she can handle.   She is the only one teaching at the moment in her country.   Everything must be imported from abroad so it's still very expensive.   She says that teaching has given her good experience in learning and improving herself.   Through teaching she can criticize her own work and, naturally, she wants to be better than her students, so she has to be one step ahead.

Jane says she doesn't have any specialty, so she is able to teach a variety of subjects.   She says they do mostly copied works, a little hesitant to "dare" to venture out.   But she says they're learning.   Recently, through a good porcelain-painting friend they had the honour of having Carlos Spina come and teach them how to use free hand, imagination and the one fire techniques.   Carlos was on a painting tour of Asia.

Jane says china painting is not well known in her country, except for industrial or business purposes.   Not for such exotic purposes as hobby, collector's items or the like.   Her hope is that china painting will appeal to her fellow countrymen and eventually put Indonesia and Indonesian artists in the world of china painting.

If you would like to email Jane, to let her know how you like her paintings, her email address is   You can click on the hyperlink below to send her email now.

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Here are some of Jane's paintings.
(Two New paintings added as of October 26, 1997)

Aryanti Jane Yacub's Paintings

Balinese Dancer
Image Size: 22K

This is Jane's second attempt at portrait painting. This piece is on display at the Convention and Exhibition in Perth, Australia, this month.  Jane used Jean Beebe's E-Z Structure for the headdress and Jean's jewels for the earrings.  Liquid Bright Gold and Burnish Gold were applied over the E-Z Structure on the headdress.  The background is Iris Lilac Luster.

White Horses
Image Size: 25K

This piece is also on display at the Convention and Exhibition in Perth, Australia, this month.

Strawberries on Teapot
Image Size: 27K

This is one of Jane's original works.   The top of the lid, and the rim near the base, is done in Liquid Bright Gold.   Jane completed this painting in January, 1995.

Pink and Ruby Roses on Ming Vase
Image Size: 28K

This is an original of Jane's.   The lid is done in Red Luster and Weeping Opal.   The top and rim of the lid is Liquid Bright Gold, with the base of the finial in enamel and sand and then painted with Liquid Bright Gold.   It was completed in April, 1996.

Poppies Vase
Image Size: 27K

This is a copy from a Pat Carter painting.   It was completed in August, 1995.

Luster Vase
Image Size: 23K

This is an original work of Jane's.   It is done with luster and gold on water.

Jane completed this vase in June of 1995.

James K. Van Brunt
Image Size: 43K

This is a penwork painting of the head of James K. Van Brunt, a favorite model of Norman Rockwell.   It is in the Book of Penwork, by Marjorie L. Dodd.   For the sides, Jane used Enamel and Liquid Bright Gold.   The background is done in Mother of Pearl luster.   She has also used a Gold on Water technique and alcohol rub.   This piece was completed in April, 1996.

Round Box Lid - Woman with Baby
Image Size: 30K

This is the lid to a round box.   It is an original work by Jane.   She has used penwork and regular china paints.   She used luster on the woman's skirt and on the background.   The hat is Liquid Bright Gold on pieces of regular glass.   This work was completed in July, 1996.

Flowers on Gold Vase
Image Size: 35K

This is a copy of a Barbara Jensen painting.   The flowers are done with regular china paints.   The background is Liquid Bright Gold painted onto fired Yellow Brown china paint.   This was completed in April, 1996.

Birds of Paradise Box Lid
Image Size: 33K

This is Jane's original work.   The image shown here is of the lid to a porcelain box.   The cloud is done by applying Liquid Bright Gold on Enamel and Sand.   the Birds of Paradise are painted with regular china paint.   This box was completed in December, 1996.

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