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Porcelain China Links

The number of Websites devoted to the fine art of China Painting is growing daily.
This is an exciting time.

Be sure and visit the sites listed below. Each one is different and interesting in its own way.   Most feature displays of some really great china painting artwork!

With the exception of the Porcelain Painters International Online (PPIO) link, I have tried to list the sites in alphabetical order within each porcelain category.

Porcelain Painters International Online (PPIO)
This online organization began as the joint project of myself and Marci Blattenberger, (who administers the Chinapainters mailing list, the PPIO Forum at www.ppioforum.com) and has articles on the Techniques page of my own web site here).  The web site (in existence since May 1998), is similar in subject matter to this web site (porcelain painting), but it is much more ambitious in scope.  In addition to hosting the china paint mailing list, the organization offers paid membership. Paid members have access to the "Members Only" section of the web site which houses (among other things) the PPIO Classroom, where members will find over 70 (at last count) lessons, a Picture Resource Library, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, (a database search facility for questions and answers to subjects discussed on the china paint mailing list).  Some time ago, I relinquished my part of administering the PPIO web site and membership. I decided that I wanted to devote my time and efforts to painting and other endeavors. Marci is continuing on with this job. (Honestly, I don't know how she does it!). I still support the organization. It opened me to so much information and china painting friends all over the world.
List of Categories (Click on a link to be taken immediately to your selected category)
Personal Web Sites and Studios
China Supplies, Equipment, Books and Seminars

Kiln Companies
Related Art Sites
Miscellaneous Sites
Sites Related to Corel Art Programs
China Painting Artists of Maryland (CPAM)
This site, hosted by the China Painting Artists of Maryland, has a gallery displaying a variety of the beautiful art work of its members.   It also has information about this organization.
International Porcelain Artists and Teachers, Inc. (IPAT)
This is the web site for the IPAT, Inc. organization.
The site has information about the IPAT Coventions, books, cetifications, museum and magazine.
Queensland Porcelain Artists Incorporated (QPAI) Site
This porcelain artists association is in Australia and meets in Brisbane on the second Friday of each month. Their site provides more detailed information about the organization. They soon plan to have on their site an Image Gallery.
Florida World Organization of China Painting (FLWOCP)
The site has information about shows, featured artist, exhibitors, etc.
World Organization of China Painting (WOCP)
This is the official website for the World Organization of China Painters (WOCP).
Celee Evans Porcelain
Celee's web site offers the visitor the capabiltiy of purchasing her paints, studies, brushes, videos & books online. The site will soon offer more of Celee's painting products, schedules of her seminars, monthly specials and custom and commission pieces.

The site features Cridge's many jewelry inserts, jewelry findings, ornaments, etc. Cridge Porcelain is made in the USA and availble in bisque and glazed. Online ordering is available on the web site.
Dallas China (Formerly Mr. & Mrs. of Dallas)
They offer China Painting Supplies, Glazed White Porcelain, Blank China, Porcelain for Decorators, Decals, Transfers, Brushes, Overglaze Colors, Painting Mediums, Paragon Kilns, How to Books, Studies, Glass Lamp Shades and Lamps. Custom Shapes available in Porcelain
DBA Originals
A Porcelain and Glass Painting site. They sell many chinapainting supplies and offer online sales through a shopping cart.
Hemmi Porcelain Studio
This site features the HPS catalog and information about the various products offered by Hemmi. HPS offers several types of specialty "paper" for the Alps printers, decal film and vinyl sheets -- Specially made for Dye Sublimation and Thermal Wax color printers like ALPS printers, Citizen, NEC and Mitsubishi. Some of this media can also be used in late model personal office copiers and laser printers. The studio also has a product called Decal solution, which is used to coat your print-out so that you can create your own decals. Hemmi also offers custom-made decals.
Karla Pendleton
This is Karla's new web site, featuring her overglaze colors, mediums, brushes, books, studies and other china painting supplies.

Kathy Peterson's "the good stuff":
This is the web site for Kathy Peterson's "the good stuff" studio. It is my understanding that Kathy sold her business to DBA Originals. But the link for her site is still active.. The site has a shopping cart and features many chinapainting supplies, including Josephine products.

Maryland China is a wholesale supplier. In addition to undecorated china, they offer china painting supplies, studies, books, kilns, custom decorating services and decorated giftware.

Amaranth Fine Arts
This is Stephanie Laufenburger's web site. Her Painted Porcelain, including Sinks, Glass Lamps, Tiles and Murals, is displayed here.
Celee Evans Porcelain
Celee's web site offers the visitor the capabiltiy of purchasing her paints, studies, brushes, videos & books online. The site will soon offer more of Celee's painting products, schedules of her seminars, monthly specials and custom and commission pieces.
Janri Designs: Handmade Porcelain Jewellry and China Painting
From the studio of Australian porcelain artist, R. Janette Graham. Features Janette's china painting and unique handmade porcelain jewelry designed and painted by Janette.
The unusual designs on this site are the creation of Nicolas Tschanz.
Porcelain Place
This is Elinor Skiles website.
Porcelain Unlimited
Doris Ackilli's web site. The site features pictures of Doris's artwork and offers china paints, glass paints, enamels, lustres, mediums, brushes and other china painting supplies for sale
Porzellanmalen - Karin Finck
This is Karin Finck's personal web site. Karin is a PPIO member who lives in Germany. The site features her beautiful painted china pieces.
Silvia Morelli's Web Site
Some nice porcelain paintings on this site.
Stanton Graphics
This site features the art work of Elizabeth Sharp. Elizabeth lives in rural Lincolnshire, England. She works mostly on commission for clients from all over the world; usually in Acrylics and Oils, and occasionally pastels, and she also produces sculptures, and works on Bone China and Porcelain. Elizabeth is currently the editor of the Ceramic Artist International magazine.
Westfield House
Located in Wakefield, UK. China and Porcelain Painting Supplies. They offer back orders of the British Porcelain Artist magazine.
The China Decorator Magazine Web Site
The China Decorator Magazine stopped publication in 2018, but the website is still active as of May, 2021..

This is the web site of The Artistic Circle of Porcelain Painters, presenting PORCELAINE PORZELLAN PORCELLANA The exclusive Swiss magazine about Porcelain and glass painting Printed in French and German. translated in English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
Cress Manufacturing
Online site for Cress Kilns

Evenheat Kiln Inc.
This is the Evenheat Kiln web site. In addition to information and dealer locations for their standard kilns for porcelain, pottery and hot glass, the site has information about Evenheat's Knife Kilns, kiln furniture, software and other accessories.

This is the web site of Paragon Industries, Inc. Manufacturers or Paragon Kilns
Skutt Ceramic Products
Web site for Skutt Kilns and other ceramic products


Agora Gallery, SOHO, New York
Contemporary fine art gallery located in Soho , New York City. Art consulting services to private and corporate collectors. Exhibitions of paintings , sculpture and photography. Artist portfolios are reviewed.

Original Art School Online
This is Roger Elliott's Original Art School on Line web site. One of only a handful of totally FREE art classes on the world wide web! Roger Elliott has been involved with art for 31 years both as a working professional and a teacher. His online lessons involve the art of oil painting and general Fine Art techniques. This is a really wonderful, generous web site with a wealth of painting lessons.

Roger's new project is an online Art Magazine that features articles by all kinds of artists on all kinds of topics. Porcelain Painters Online has been invited to do a regular column in the magazine. This is very exciting, since it gives us a chance to show other artists what we china painters do and to maybe interest them enough to try it. Marci has written the first article from us for the magazine.

Wet Canvas - Cyber Living for Artists
Contains a wealth of information concerning various art media. Featuring ArtSchool Online, a Virtual Museum, Critique Center, Reference Image Library, Auctions, Competitions, Exhibitions, Workshops, links to related art sites, shopping online and more.

The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy promotes environmental responsibility through education and awareness.
San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park
I visit the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Wild Animal Park often.   It is a fascinating place and a very good source for wildlife painting when you aren't able to go to the actual wild.   The page for the San Diego Wild Animal Park can be reached from this San Diego Zoo Website.
Wildlife Waystation
The Wildlife Waystation, founded by Martine Colette, is located near Sunland, California. The facility, which took in abused and abandoned animals, is closing. They began the closing process on August 16, 2019, but as of May 16, 2021, the site is still online..
Alcohol Rehab Help
Provides free resources and information to help struggling individuals & families get their lives back on track. All content published on Alcohol Rehab Help is fact-based and original. It is all sourced from current scientific research, ensuring content is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date with current research and addiction terminology. Inquiries remain completely anonymous and they don't require any login information to use their web site.

Corel PhotoPaint is my electronic art program of choice for manipulating photos and other graphics for display here on the internet and in other areas. I started with Corel PhotoPaint 5, which came with the CoreDraw 5 Suite. I now have a montly subscription to the latest version.

Graphics Unleashed Web Site
Unleashed Productions is the publisher of many Corel books.
Corel Corporation Website