I have been teaching china painting in Hawaii now for over seven years.  I generally have about 5 to 8 students in my studio at a time.  Attendance fluctuates from season to season due to trips off island, Snowbirds (part-time residents of Hawaii) leaving or returning, etc.

I think my students are very talented.  None of them knew anything about china painting before they started taking lessons from me.  Most have an art background, many in watercolor or other painting mediums.

In addition to the classes I have been holding every Thursday, beginning with the New Year 2007, I added a weekly class on Saturdays. The Saturday class runs from 9 am to 12 noon, the same time period as my Thursday class.

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   Alicia Ameden

Aurora King   Aurora King

   Avis Stafford

   Cindy Urry


   Karen Deuchar


Frosty Johnson    Frosty Johnson



Monstera Plate   Penny Gupton




   Barbara Clay
Penny King   Penny King
   Virginia Westwood
Dawn Karasaki   Dawn Karasaki
Janet Gray   Janet Gray
Pat Weber  Pat Weber