Penny took china painting lessons with me for a few years until she moved to Texas.  She has since returned to the Big Island and is again in my class. Penny is an accomplished artist, painting in watercolor, oils and acrylics.  Until it closed because of damage from the Tsunami, Penny was the Resident Artist at the Kona Village Resort for over 20 years.  Her paintings are in several galleries on the Big Island.  If you would like to see some of Penny's other paintings, you can visit her web site at

I thought I had more photos of Penny's painting on china, but the two that are shown below are all that I was able to find.

Click on the thumbnail or title to enlarge the painted piece.


Monstera Salad Plate

This plate is part of a full dinner set that Penny painted.  She painted a dinner plate, salad plate, oil and vinegar tray.  Each place setting was painted with a different tropical plant or flower.  The dinner plates were painted with tropical flowers that are found in Hawaii.  It is quite an impressive set.

Lotion Bottle

This lotion bottle is painted with bamboo.