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This page last updated: March 22, 1998 (New Format)

This page introduced on August 8, 1997


Effective January 11, 1998, this page has been reformatted.  An article by Jean Beebe on the subject of working with lusters has been added to the other techniques authored by Marci Blattenberger.  I have created separate pages for the work of each author.  By clicking on the links below, you can select a subject to read about.   I encourage you to read all of these as they have a wealth of information on working with procelain, using techniques other than standard china painting.

View Marci Blattenberger's Articles

Where Marci Explains:

  You can see some of Marci's paintings
   on the Gallery of Other China Painters Page

  Click here to go to the page with paintings by Marci Blattenberger

  New Ideas for Small Boxes
  Base for Gold
  Wipeout Techniques
  Salted Luster
  Brass Embellishments
  One Fire Technique
  Dichroic Glass and Other Glass Jewels
  How to Salvage a Bad Piece
  Gold Incising
  Easy 2-Fire Autumn Leaves
View Jean Beebe's Article 

Where Jean Explains:

  Conquering Lusters

Jean's studio, Jean Beebe Originals, has available some materials which work well with lusters and other china paint.  She has published two Videos showing how to work with her materials.

The catalog page for Jean's studio is on the Catalog Section of the Porcelain Painters International Online (PPIO) web site.  From the PPIO home page, click the "Catalogs" drop-down listing and select Jean Beebe's catalog page.

Examples of her work and information concerning her video tapes are displayed on the Books & Tapes page of this website.

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