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This page last updated: March 22, 1998 (New Format)

This page has information regarding some books and tapes available for the China Painting enthusiast.  It is displayed on this website for the information of fellow China Painters.

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"Time to Paint" by Linda Alexander

Painting with Linda is especially productive and enjoyable because she is a natural, almost unlimited resource for design ideas;  she can look at a piece and immediately give several design alternatives.

Linda specializes in Dresden, daisies, pansies, enamel work and borders.
She is available for seminars. Class size is negotiable.

"Time to Paint" the 76 page lavishly illustrated spiral bound book by Linda, contains step by step instructions, with full color illustrations (15 Pages of color) for creating beautifully painted clocks, holiday items, Limoges boxes, purses and other lovely decorated items as well as several border decorations.  The book includes designs for:

Page samples of the book are show below.  Webpage limitations of size and resolution prevent displaying the fine detail of the individual items.


Also available from Linda Alexander:
"Painting Just About Everything"  Video Tape
This tape teaches you how to:

The video contains: 18 photographs of 36 eggs,   line drawings for 54 pieces of jewelry,  examples of upper and lower case alphabet and a variety of 28 other porcelain items designed and painted by Linda.

For information about ordering the book or tape and many other items available from Linda Alexander, you may contact her at:

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"Jean Beebe Originals, Au Naturel" by Jean Beebe

Jean specializes in contemporary porcelain decorating.   She uses lusters and gold as well as materials she has developed herself.   Flux is used to remove the glaze and a structure powder to do relief decoration.   This gives a 3 dimensional effect.   The piece de resistance is the jewels that are fired onto the porcelain.   Though the results are often elaborate, the technique is very easy.   Jean's video takes you step by step through a full hour demonstration of how to get these effects.   She will show you how to use E-Z Structure Powder, E-Z Incising Flux, E-Z Pen Magic, White Lace (a white pen material to use under gold or over colors), Luster Beads and best of all how to fire "Jewels" onto your china.   In addition there is another hour featuring 86 pieces of china with informative comments.

Some of the pieces in the video appear below.

Her second video has 73 pieces of china with comments.   It concentrates on jewelry, ornaments and small things..   There is a demonstration on making freeform porcelain and luster "secrets".   In addition you get a bonus booklet containing over 70 line drawings, 2 studies, 2 paint-ins, plus more information on freeform and lusters .

These pictures illustrate items using E-Z Structure Powder and/or E-Z Incising Flux.   Some are inhanced with liquid bright gold and/or jewels.


The pictures below illustrate the use of White Lace.


These tapes, as well as many more items, are listed in JEAN'S ONLINE CATALOG, reachable from the "Catalogs" page of this site.

If you wish to contact Jean regarding her products, her address, phone number and email address are listed below.

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"Abstract Designing with Raised Structure" by Catherine Tonning-Popowich

This book describes Catherine's approach to abstract designing and what the various structures are and how to use them.   This includes techniques for using lusters and glass enamels.

She explains some of the design principles she uses.   Included are some photos from nature with an overlay showing how she achieved abstract designs from them.

Displayed below are some photos of finished pieces , which illustrate this style of painting.


For information about ordering the book from Catherine Tonning-Popowich, you may contact her at:

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