This page last updated: August 30, 2011

Below are thumbnail pictures of my porcelain and watercolor paintings.

Hawaii has such an abundance of lush tropical plant, bird and other animal life that I don't think I will ever run out of resource material for either my porcelain or watercolor painting.


I hope you enjoy my paintings. I certainly enjoyed painting them. Check back often for future paintings displays on this page.


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Paintings on Porcelain
Luster Paintings on Porcelain
Luster Ornaments

Watercolor Paintings
Pet Portraits
"Abstract Realism" Flowers in Watercolor



Fountain Vase
Hibiscus Vase
Macaw Vase
Macaw Vase with Roman Gold
Baby Tiger
Tiger in the Snow
Baby Tiger
Tiger in the Snow
Milky Stork Vase
John Wayne Portrait

John Wayne Portrait

Mel Gibson Portrait
Goldfinches on Vase
Oriental Peony Vase
Goldfinches on Vase
Oriental Peony Vase
Nature Scene on Urn
Portraits of my Grandchildren
Tiger Face in a Waterfall
Tiger Face in a Waterfall
Humming Bird with Bird of Paradise
Macaw Platter
Tiger Face for my Teacher
Tiger Fun in an Aquarium
There's a Giraffe in the Nursery!
Berry Server Set
Art Bowl
Tiger Motif Vase




Black Luster Plate
Painted with Butterflies
Pillow Vase
Painted with Luster Aquarium Scene
Box Painted with Fuchsias
Parakeets Vase
with Blue Satin and Luster
Luster Pillow Vase with Fiberglass
Luster Pansies with Gold Marbeling
Pink Daisies Luster Vase
Luster Parrot Tulips on Pillow Vase
Wolf Portrait
Water Lilies Ball Vase
Wolf Portrait
in Luster on Pillow Vase
Luster Peony Globe Vase
Bedside Serving Set

Luster and Gold Peony Globe Vase

Luster Roses on Bedside Serving Set

Butterfly Pitcher

Luster Butterfly Pitcher

Luster Wisteria Vase

Iris Vase
Parrot Tulips Luster Vase
Iris Luster Vase
Goldfinch with Berries
Luster Vase
Poinsettia Christmas Plate
Halo Luster Vase
Luster Silhouette Vase
Halo Luster Vase
Beaded Ornaments
Halo Luster and Ball Ornament
Beaded Ornaments
Halo Luster Ornament and Dribbled Ball Ornament
Oval Drop Ornament
Oval Drop Ornament

Condo Cougar


Dancer, the Gecko Cat


Portrait of Dancer




Hibiscus Throat


Tiger in Your Tank

Lemon Fantasy

Sea Spray

Wall of Waves

Pet Portraits (Watercolor)

Lucky Lady

"Abstract Realism" Flowers in Watercolor

The flowers which can be seen by clicking on the thumbnails (or titles) below are from a series of flowers which I painted in colors which they would not normally be seen.  My name for this was "abstract realism" (not a real term, just an idea from my mind). There are three different flower sets.  The series was actually done as studies to determine what color combination I wanted to use for a larger full sheet painting.  So far, I have done one full sheet painting of the Waterlily (also displayed below) and a full sheet painting of the Hibiscus.  I am using the Green Hibiscus for the full sheet painting.

I later incorporated the three Hibiscus studies into a framed and matted tryptich arrangement.