Tiger Fun in an Aquarium


This is the second in a series of paintings I did of "animals in strange places/positions".  The first painting in this series is my "Cougar in a Sunroom".  This is also the final fire of the first painting I did on the Step-by-Step page.  I thought it might be nice to show this painting and the "There's a Giraffe in the Nursery!" painting (the next in my "animals in strange places/positions" series), another finished painting from the Step-by-Step page, on this page so you can see what they look like without all of the markings showing the paint colors used.  If you want to view the "steps" (10 fires in all) and the history of this painting, you may click here.

This painting was shown in the Orange County Fair (I can't remember which year, probably about 1998-99).   Although it received no awards, I had offers to buy it and I sold it to a man in Paramount, California, who collects art. He said, although he liked the way it was painted, he mainly was attracted to the painting because of the unique subject of the painting.

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