Macaw Vase
with Roman Gold Trim

I gave this vase to my mother.
I now have it in my studio

Side One - Scarlet Macaw
Side Two - Blue and Gold Macaw

I found these two macaws at the San Diego Zoo.   The Blue and Gold one is named "Sinbad". I know this because, once when I visited them, he was dozing. While I was waiting for him to come to, so I could take his picture, a nearby keeper called, "Hey Sinbad, wake up!".   I tried to find out if the Scarlet Macaw had a name too, but no one seemed to know.  

I had planned to enter this vase in the Los Angeles and Orange County Fairs this year, but my mother talked me out of it, so it went to her in Hawaii.

Since her death in the year 2000, I have it in my own home here in Hawaii.

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