Parakeets Vase
with Blue Satin and Luster


This painting was done using Rose Luster and Yellow Luster for the parakeets.   My memory fails me as to the colors (lusters) I used for the upper background between the birds.   I know it was two fires, two different colors.   I think I used Green Luster, first fire and Sapphire Luster, second fire.   The lower background is Blue Satin, a specialty paint sold by Judy Jaussaud. It has a velvety texture.   Presently, Judy only sells the Black Satin, and no longer carries this Blue Satin because of its expense and the large quantities which she must order  She says she has had some inquiries (in addition to mine) about making this color available again, so she is still considering the possibility of carrying it in the future.   Judy has some of her own paintings on this site, available from the Other China Painters page.

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