Box Painted with Fuchsias


This is the second piece done entirely in lusters. 

As with the butterfly plate, I outlined the fuchsia design with a Stabilo pen on the lid of the box.  I painted the outside petals of the fuchsia flowers, using Hanovia Rose.  The inside of the flowers were painted with Hanovia Blue.  The leaves were painted various colors, using the Hanovia shades of Turquoise, Green, and a Yellow I obtained from Michael.  Then the box was fired at cone 18. 

On the second fire, more Rose was added to the petals, to provide a semblance of shading.  Some of the Yellow leaves were painted over with Turquoise, and for others, Sapphire was added.  Some Yellow Leaves were left Yellow.   Then, using the Stabilo pen, I outlined a design of mostly leaves and branches on the body of the box.  The branch was painted in Hanovia Rose.  The fuchsia buds were also painted, using Hanovia Rose.  The leaves were painted similar to the leaves on the lid, varying the colors of adjacent leaves all around the box.  Both the lid and the box were fired at cone 18. 

For the third fire, everything was oulined with Liquid Bright Gold.  On some leaves, I painted in the vein details, for others I just painted a main vein down the middle and for some of the smaller ones, I painted only the outline of the leaf. 

The final fire was the same as all the others, cone 18.  I find that painting in lusters is satisfying because it does not seem to take as long to finish a piece as with conventional china painting.  It seems that most items only take two or three fires, including the addition of gold.  This makes them a good candidate to create as gifts.

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