Macaw Platter


I completed this painting the week of August 9, 1998.  The original photograph from which this painting was done is on the web site of Michael Myers, "Michael's Photo Gallery".  Michael has some very nice photographs of other birds on his site.   You can see the original Macaw (under Parrots) and many other bird photos if you visit his site at  Paul Grothe, whose wife, Betty, is a china painter, sent me a very high-quality print of the photograph.   I used it as the reference for the painting.   The background in the painting is my own.   Although I am not a flower painter and don't especially like doing leaves, I do like doing jungle leaves and branches.   Since my move to Hawaii in April, 2000, I now have an abundance of resource material for "jungle" plants.

This painting was sold to a fellow student in one of my watercolor classes.

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