Janet was one of my first students.  She has tackled a huge variety of subjects over the years spent china painting with me.  Most of her pieces were lovingly prepared as gifts for family and friends.  Janet also enjoyed painting 3-dimensional objects, such as statues and such.

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Plumeria Fudge Plate

This was Janet's first piece.  When a student begins class with me, I generally start them out on Plumerias or Hibiscus.  I chose these subjects because they are found readily in Hawaii and I think they give the student an opportunity to learn how to use the brush in applying the china paint.  They also demonstrate the use of wipe out techniques.

Panda on Rectangular Vase

Janet did a great job on this very ambitious project.


Art Bowl

Janet was in the special class I conducted after I returned from learning how to do this art bowl from Nancy Benedetti in her class at the OPAR school in Oregon.  Janet pretty much followed the way that I painted my bowl.  She painted the leaves in various shades of green, tipping them with a little pinkish red.  The outside edge of the bowl was rimmed with American Beauty and the inside with Liquid Bright Gold.  As you can see in the photo, Janet's bowl has very graceful curves.

Santa Statue

Janet has been working on this Santa for quite awhile.  As she is with most of her projects, she is patient and thorough.  Even though the statue was bisque, Janet used regular china paints throughout.  This resulted in a slightly shiny or "satin-like" surface.