Avis has been painting with me for over 7 years.  She is an enthusiastic student. Avis was brave enough to start painting a dinner set featuring her favorite subject, butterflies. Some of the pieces she painted for the set are shown below.

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Dinner Set

Butterfly Box


Geranium Tile
Geraniums on a Porcelain Steel Plak

Avis painted these Geraniums in a seminar, taught in my studio, by Jeanette Gulickson.  The Porcelain Steel Plak is a rectangle of steel, coated with a thin coat of porcelain.  Because the steel becomes hotter in the kiln than the cone it is fired to, a lower cone fire is required.  I fired the steel plaks painted in the seminar to cone 022.

Porcelain Draped Bowl
Porcelain Art Bowl