Alicia has been painting with me for 7 years.  She is an accomplished ceramic artist. In addition to her hand painted porcelain, she creates ceramic pieces painted with underglaze. Below are some samples of Alicia's art work.

Click on the thumbnail or title to enlarge the painted piece.


Zebra Tile

This Zebra is on an 8x10 tile. It is taken from the same picture that I painted my zebra from. I think Alicia did a great job on this painting.

Art Bowl

This bowl was a project my students did in a special series of classes.  I learned this technique in a seminar at the OPAR school with Nancy Benedetti.  The bowls we did in the class I attended were not painted a color, only glazed and then the leaves were painted and the edges trimmed.  Alicia elected to paint her bowl with halo luster.  Then she trimmed the edges with gold.  The leaves at the base were painted with regular china paint.

Alicias Egg
Porcelain Egg

Tea for One
Tea for One Set