Tana Calaba

Tana and her husband, Michael, were the proprietors of Stump Farm Porcelain.   Around December of 2000 they retired from the production of bisque and closed Stump Farm Porcelain.

Tana continues to paint on the bisque and hopes that she will now have more time to paint.

If you would like to email Tana to let her know how you like her paintings, her email address is stumpfarm@worldnet.att.net.  You can click on the hyperlink below to send her email now.

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Last date new paintings were added to this page: May 10, 1998.

Tana's Paintings

Click on the underlined "hyperlink" for each painting to see the photo of the painting.   Close the picture window when through viewing.

Small Pitcher
(Image Size: 25kb)
Round Box
(Image Size: 34kb)
Square Fancy Box
(Image Size: 18kb)
About the design on this Square Fancy Box, Tana says, "I like to use Silver Pearl Metallic with a little flower color added to it, to paint the bottoms and edges of box tops."

"For this box I used the same light purple, that I used for the pansy, mixed with silver pearl metallic to paint the corners of the box.   Metallics work very well brushed smoothly on bisque.   You should paint quite dry.   Two coats are necessary, firing between coats at 018.   Metallics seem to work well fired at 018 on bisque."


Little Basket
(Image Size: 20kb)
Tana says, "The roses on this little basket are painted with a light pink and shaded with red grape.   I like this combination very much and do most all of my baby roses with these colors."


Some small painted animals
(Image Size: 27kb)


Bird in a cosy egg nest
(Image Size: 60kb)

This set won a blue ribbon at the State Fair several years ago.   Regarding this two-piece set, Tana says that she sketched roses on the egg, then Michael cut them out and she painted the roses on.   They have the unpainted egg in either a rose cut or a pansy cut.   (see the next painting for the painted pansy version.)   The bird is also available unpainted.   These are bisque pieces.


Pansy egg
(Image Size: 67kb)


Oval roses box
(Image Size: 42kb)


Embossed Pitcher painted with roses
(Image Size: 45kb)


French Santa Claus
(Image Size: 48kb)


Woodland Santa
(Image Size: 55kb)


Santa with cat and kittens
(Image Size: 49kb)

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