Johnella (Johnny) McGuire

I'll let Johnella tell you about her china painting experience in her own words:

I started taking stained glass lessons in 1984 in Dallas, Texas, where I lived for 14 years.  I desired to make stained glass windows since I was a child, but for 10 years I was working for an advertising agency traveling all over the United States east of the Mississippi.  Since 1980 I have lived and worked in Denver, Colorado, Los Angeles, California and Dallas.

The first stained glass shop I worked at in Plano, Texas allowed employees to attend classes for free.  I attended my first glass fusing class and was totally hooked.  I spent a week in Colton, Oregon taking a glass fusing class from Boyce Lundstrum.  Boyce was one of the original owners of Bullseye glass and the the first glass manufacturer to develop compatible glass for fusing. 

My first kiln came from Mr & Mrs of Dallas and there I discovered those small vials of powdered paints for glass and china!  Needless to say, I bought a bunch!  The stained glass shop has a gentleman from Plano bring in his china and he spent a Saturday in the shop, painting and talking to us about his art.  I was entranced.  I inquired about lessons, unfortunately soon thereafter he passed away and I was unable to locate another teacher until I found Marci Blattenburger on the web.

I met Marci thought a stained glass bulletin board.  She had questions regarding fusing Dichroic and when I wrote to her I found she was a china painter.  We became fast friends and drove each other crazy exchanging questions of each others art.

I moved to Ohio in 1994 and took copper enameling classes to learn the techniques.  The enamel powders are glass based and I plan to utilize those methods eventually on glass.  Presently, I am just learning the china painting art.  My eventual plans are to paint on glass.  I am fortunate to have the glass fusing experience and all my new found china painting friends on the web.  

Johnny taught advanced Tiffany stained glass classes in Middletown, Ohio in their winter session.  She also teaches beginning fused glass classes. She teaches privately during the summer months and she does travel to teach.

Earlier this year (2000), Johnny and her husband, Robert, bought a home in Michigan.

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Johnella's Paintings

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Night Skies
(Image Size 143 kb)

A new one - Hot out of the kiln! (on March 31st).  I did the Indians..first..painted and fired the 3 figures 3 times..then I did
the background twice.  Pretty scary..but I've been using this medium I bought in St. Louis last year and I love it.. I clean my brushes with Mr. & Mrs. of Dallas Medium Plus..and so between the 2 mediums I PILE  it flaking..and I fire at 022..hardly any vent.

Glass Earrings
(Image Size: 11 kb)

This is the first pair of earrings I made.  The glass was manufactured by Wasser, they are no longer in business, but the glass is very thin and lightweight.  This is what would be called a half fuse.  The glass has not completely gone flat which would be called a total fuse.

Pin with Dichroic on Black Background
(Image Size: 10 kb)

This is a  pin which is about 2" square, black background with several pieces of different color and textured dichroic glass.  Unfortunately at this time, this glass is no longer made.  I have heard rumours that Bullseye glass is making Dichroic once again.  I will keep Marci posted should it become available on the market. (Marci is a reseller of Dichroic Glass - Her catalog is on this web site).

China Painted Glass
(Image Size:17 kb)

I went to Nashville last October (1997) to collaborate with Marci.  I took a bunch of precut glass down and Marci painted.  I brought the painted and fired pieces home and added the dichroic to the second pair in a separate fire.

We celebrated her birthday and I made her a 18" in diameter slumped bowl.  You all will have to get onto her about scanning that one!!! 


Mandan Warrior
(Image Size: 33 kb)

I am really hooked on the very thin porcelain tiles which I purchase from Kathy Peterson.  A major reason is their translucency, but also they are easy to handle, quick to paint, and hold the paint depth on each fire.  This Mandan warrior has been painted and fired 3 times and is a good example of Rosebud's paints.

Mauve Dish
(Image Size: 36 kb)

This is a 6 inch square and about 1 inch deep slumped dish.  I would describe this fire as a tact fuse.  The glass has only been fired enough for the top pieces to be joined.

(Image Size: 80 kb)

This is on a 4x4 (approx) inch thin porcelain tile.  I used Jean Beebe's pen oil and Rosebud's Bread Brown to outline.  The red is Blood Red and Rosebud' Yellow Brick Road and Yellow Mist.  This is a good illustration of red and yellow paints being used in the same side by side success story.  This piece has been fired twice, but not finished as I will do a background.

Purple Brooch
(Image Size: 11 kb)

This brooch is about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide.  The glass is a full antique and has 3 layers of glass in places.  The top pieces were cut then put to a torch to be heated, melted twisted, pulled.  The colors on this really don't show up. It is a very deep purple and very striking piece.

Wren Canyon Kachina
(Image Size: 43 kb)

This is on a 3x5 inch thin porcelain tile.  I used Jean Beebe's pen oil and Rosebud's Bread Brown to outline.  The Hopi and Navaho Indian tribes have cerimonies where they use Kachina dancers.  This is one is the Wren Canyon Kachina.  I have painted the other 12 Kachinas, but this gives you an idea of my subjects I love to paint.  I enjoy using bold colors.  This tile has been painted and fired 4 times.

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