Bertie Stephens

Bertie and her husband, Danny, live in Hurst, Texas, which is situated between Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas.  They are about 7 miles from DFW Airport.  Bertie is a member of The China Decorators Club and the Porcelain Artists Club, both of which are located in Ft. Worth.   She is also a member of IPAT.  Recently, at the Southern Regional IPAT Convention in Grapevine, Texas , Bertie helped with tallying scores of the judges on the beautiful pieces that were sent in. This was the only convention that she has gone to and she is looking forward to being able to go to several more.

The youngest of 8 children (she has 3 sisters and 4 brothers), Bertie says they lost both of their parents at age 91 & 90 and recently lost their brother, Leroy the day after Thanksgiving. He had been on dialysis for 19 years, and had a massive heart attack while on dialysis. Leroy was not a diabetic, but had kidney failure at an early age, in his early 40’s. Bertie says that anyone who reads this should be aware that high blood pressure can cause kidney damage and failure. It should be controlled as soon as possible.

Bertie says she is 54 years old and has been married for 33 years to her wonderful husband, Danny. They have 3 children; Michelle (31) who is married to David and has 2 lovely daughters, Brittany (13) and Lindsey (5) ; Sonny (28) who is married to Missy and no children yet; and Merle (26) who is currently going to college to become an English Teacher. He spent 4 years in the Marines as a mechanic on the Harrier Jet. Bertie's husband works for a defense company and will retire (hopefully) this fall.  She works part time at MJDesigns just to get out of the house.  She enjoys this work and loves the ladies she works with.

Bertie started taking china painting lessons from Lou (Hubbard) Yates in January 1997.   She says she had tried to find out about china painting for years, but could not find anyone to teach it.   A woman of many and varied interests, Bertie says she has tried just about any and all crafts at one time or another, including ceramics, porcelain dolls, oil painting and painting on wood, doing her own sawing.  She also does crochet and sewing.   She loves to applique and make quilted vests.   Genealogy and antiques are another of her interests.

Bertie took several courses in photography at the junior college where she lives, and found that she loved it.  She has her own studio lights, which she sets up occasionally to take pictures for some of her family.   Preferring outdoor settings, Bertie says that some of her favorite pictures are taken at parks and at their land.   She says her family hates it when she gets her camera out.  She likes to photograph flowers and landscapes and she has taken a few pictures of animals, but says that sometimes they are not easy to photograph.  Besides the photograph of a Tart Tray she painted, Bertie sent me some nature  photographs, which are displayed below.  The rooster is from her sisters farm in San Saba.  The spider webs were taken on their land at Covington, Texas early in the morning when the dew was still on them.  Bertie says they were leaving the trailer to go to the pond and on the way there were hundreds of spider webs along the path so she went back and got her camera and took some pictures before the dew dried up.  The flowers are blooms on a Redeye cactus - one of the most beautiful blooms that Bertie says she has ever seen, and the blooms of the Orange Milkweed.  The photos of Bertie's unusual teapot light fixture were recently received (March 2000) for display on this page.


If you would like to email Bertie, her email address is   You can click on the hyperlink below to send her email now.


Bertie's Painting and Photographs

Tart Tray
(Image Size: 32K)
Teapot Light Fixture
(Image Size: 55K)

Cup and Saucer part of Light Fixture
(Image Size 61K)

Cup and Saucer part of Light Fixture
a second view
(Image Size: 69K)

Teapot Front from Light Fixture
(Image Size: 84K)

Teapot Back from Light Fixture
(Image Size: 61K)
Teapot Handle from Light Fixture
(Image Size: 87K)

Teapot Spout from Light Fixture
(Image Size: 74K)

Orange Milkweed
(Image Size: 59K)
(Image Size: 49K)
Red Eye Cactus
(Image Size: 49K)
First Web
(Image Size 42K)
Second Web
(Image Size: 57K)

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