Michael Sullivan

I am very happy to be able to display pictures of paintings by my former luster teacher, Michael Sullivan.  Michael began china painting in 1984. He has been studing and doing lusters since 1986. He and his wife, Vicki, live in Whittier, California where Michael and gives classes. He also travels for seminars.  Even though my recent move to Hawaii means I am no longer able to take lessons from Michael, I plan to continue exploring this area of porcelain decorating. I already miss the weekly classes with Michael and the sharing of ideas with other members of his class.

I have also added a page with the art of Vicki Sullivan, Michael's wife, to the Gallery of Other China Painters.  Vicki has been working in the field of ceramics for over 30 years.

Click here to go to the California section of the Studios page where the Oh!Sullivan Studio is listed.

Unfortunately, Michael is not online, but he does have a web page and a catalog page on the Porcelain Painters International Online site. Just click on the drop-down listing of web pages (for his web page) or the drop-down listing of catalogs (for his catalog page of supplies) on the Porcelain Painters home page.

Michael Sullivan's Paintings

Michael also paints and teaches painting with regular china paint.  With the exception of the teaset, all of the objects displayed here are painted in luster.

Fuschia Vase

Woodland Vase

Poinsettia Plate


This teaset was painted in regular china paint by Michael and given to Vicki as a wedding gift.

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