Julia Calvert

Julia Calvert began taking china painting lessons in the home of Mrs. Thomlison in 1957.  Mrs. Thomlison taught china painting for many years in Florence, Alabama.  Julia has continued to paint china over the years. Today Julia lives in Samson, Alabama.  She is 85 years old now and still enjoys painting. She is currently painting a set of Christmas china to give to her granddaughter for a wedding present. The pattern on the set is her original design she simply calls, "Holly." She painted the same pattern on children's tea sets for her three granddaughters when they were small. Now, one will have the complete service for 8 in the "Holly" pattern. Julia always paints a heart on the bottom of each piece of china and adds the logo, "Handle with Love."

Julia Calvert's Paintings

3 Painted Items
One item shows Julia's trademark, "Handle with Love" signature
Children's "Holly" Tea Set

Christmas Holly Plate

4 Piece Place Setting with Holly


Grapes on Plate

Grapes on Pitcher Vase Jelly/Jam Jar with Strawberries on Jelly/Jam Jar Pink Rose Plate in Gold Frame Footed Pitcher Vase with Roses Strawberries on Plate

Mrs. P.A. McMickin, from Florence, Alabama, was a friend of Julia's for 50 years.   She and Julia painted together for many years. She is deceased now. Her family and friends continue to enjoy her beautiful china painting. Click on the links below to see some of her paintings.

Mrs. P.A. McMickin's Paintings

Rose Painted Cookie Jar Rose Painted Fan Bell, Tray & Letter Opener Painted with Flowers Bell Painted with Flowers

If you would like to email Julia to let her know how you like her paintings, her email address is maccal@alaweb.com   You can click on the hyperlink below to send her email now.

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