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PLANT AND FLOWER PHOTOS (Updated March 27, 2002

Presently I only have Irises and Hibiscus flowers on this page. Very soon, I will be adding two exotic varieties found near my home on the big island of Hawaii - the African Tulip and the Cup of Gold.  I have already painted the African Tulip (in Watercolor) and I plan to do a watercolor painting of the Cup of Gold.

Yellow Iris
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Violet Iris
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The Irises shown in these photographs grow in the flower bed in front of my mobilehome.   I am a terrible gardener.  Usually, if a plant gets into my hands, it doesn't have a chance - and that's even when I try to keep it alive.  But these Irises came back every year, in my home in California, every year, with very little help from me.  The tall tube vase that I did in luster painting (February 1998) featured Irises of several different colors all around the cylindrical shape.
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I photographed these Hibiscus when I was visiting my mother in Hawaii.  Many different colors grow in the yard around her condo.