Although Penny has the same last name as my maiden name, we are not related.  She has suspended classes with me due to the economy. She hopes to come back to china painting in the future.

 In addition to china painting, Penny has worked in ceramics for several years.  She also creates beautiful gourds in a Hawaiian method which was lost at the turn of the last century and is being revived by some artisans.

In addition to her paintings on porcelain, I have included photos of some of the many gourds Penny has created.  To see several of Penny's gourds, click on the Gourd thumbnail below.

Click on the thumbnail or title to enlarge Penny's Artwork.




This ornament is painted with red luster and decorated with Liquid Bright Gold

Triangular Plate with Humuhumu fish

Humuhumunukunuku'apuaa on Triagular Tray

This is a really gorgeous painting. Penny painted the Humuhumu (Trigger fish) with regular china paints, trimmed the edge with black paint and then painted an inner edge of Liquid Bright Gold. She added little fish designs on top of the black on the corners.


Penny's Hawaiian Gourds (Ipus)