Dawn began painting with me after she attended my special draped bowl class.  After experiencing china painting, she decided to continue and shortly she, like some of my other students, painted a dinner set. (it must be contagious!).  A few years ago, Dawn and her husband, John (who paints in one of the weekly watercolor classes I attend), elected to join a bowling leaugue so they could spend more time together.  Because of this, Dawn decided to suspend china painting classes for an indefinite period of time.

Click on the thumbnail or title to enlarge the painted piece.


Dinner Plate

Like Cindy's fish dinner set, Dawn's dinner set will have the same design on the right edge of the plates.  She has just started with the dinner plates in this way.  By the time she gets to the other pieces in the set, she may decide to deviate a little in the design, for interest.  For a beginning china painter, Dawn is doing really well.

Art Bowl

This bowl was a project my students did in a special series of classes.  I learned this technique in a seminar at the OPAR school with Nancy Benedetti.  Dawn pretty much followed the way that I painted my bowl, with a few deviations.  She made some little "rosettes" with some of the left-over clay from the leaves.  She glazed these and painted them.  Then she added one of the rosettes to the side of the bowl.  She also painted a pretty leaf design in the inside center of the bowl which this photo does not show. But you can see the design inside the bowl by clicking here.


This is one of the little rosettes that Dawn created from the leftover clay after she formed the leaves to go on the base of her draped bowl.



Click on the thumbnail above or the word "Ornaments" to see the variety of ornaments Dawn has painted so far.  More to be added as Dawn finishes them.